Like the Camel Trophy and Paris-Dakar, this is the final challenge for men without fear! Over Europes highest passes, over mountains about those even the mountaineers dare to speak only whispering. Passing glaciers and gorges and villages whose names dont even the locals know. A few hundred switchbacks, about 400 km over 7 passes, gravel, cobbles, and for the most part even paved roads!




Müstair, Umbrail-Pass, Bormio, Gavia-Pass, Tonale-Pass, Val Tonale, Fondo, Gampen-Pass, Meran, Timmelsjoch, Piller Höhe, Reschen-Pass, Müstair.



Each driver can complete the route individually whenever he wants. Start not before 08.00 AM, arrival not after 20:00 PM. You will receive a road book in which the passage of each pass is confirmed by stamp.



As visible sign of your hard-won fame, you now have the privilege to bear the Muensterhof IRONMAN BRONZE PLAQUE. All this costs you only gasoline, sweat and courage.

In the future there will be only two types of motorcycle riders : The ones who made it, and ... the others!



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